The Birthday List


So yesterday I turned 29, the last year of my 20’s! Its a bit surreal I must admit but I’m grand, I don’t feel like freaking out or anything, in fact I feel I’m embracing it! My 20’s, although mainly good craic, could be awful hard at times so i’m looking forward to my 30’s even though I’m sure they will bring a whole new set of life problems to deal with!

In saying that I still feel like there are some things I need to sort out before I turn 30, so I’ve made a list of things I want do or things I want to incorporate into my life before I turn 30… Kind of like a 30 before 30 list, except there’s only 26 things on the list because it was getting very long, and I genuinely couldn’t think of four more things I wanted to do. That and I realised that ticking off all the things on my list could turn out to be a very expensive process!

I’m going to try tick things off the list over the next year and maybe blog a bit about it. There’s a good chance some of these things will have to be scrapped because in fairness there’s a lot involved and I’m  not too flush with cash right now 🙂 but I might as well write them down anyway just in case… its good to have goals!

So here you go… this is my list broken up into 4 categories:

Fitness and Health

  • Do more Yoga – I have been to Aerial Yoga a few times and it’s amazing, a really good work out and really fun. The times don’t always suit me but i’m gonna try get back into it and I would like to try some other forms too.
  • Take up PT at least once a week – I have some weightloss goals I would like to reach and I think PT will really help… it’s expensive but I think it will be worth it!
  • Maintain my weightloss – I really want to continue with Slimming world to reach my targets and maintain what I have already achieved, there’s no going back to how I used to be!!
  • Go on a Hike – Something that I never really enjoyed before but think I would like now. I’d like to do it once at least this year and it’s good to get out in the open now and again.
  • Go Surfing – Something I haven’t done in a really long time… It’s so fun though and I would love to do it again.


  • Grow the Blog – I’m trying to post regularly enough on the Blog, so we’ll see how that will develop… I’m enjoying it so far!
  • Work hard – I finally found a Job this year that I really enjoy, and plan on working hard at it and learning as much as I can.
  • Read a newspaper now and again – I’d like to become more familiar with world events in the news… I can be pretty ignorant to what is going on in the world around me so i’m going to try and educate myself a bit.
  • Do something for charity – Its been a long time since I gave back to anyone, hopefully this year I will make more of an effort with that.
  • Knit something – I’ve been threatening to knit something for god knows how long… I was pretty good at it in school and knit loads of stuff…. maybe i’ll start with a scarf for winter!
  • Get a massage and SPA treatment – I’m not getting any younger… My back is starting to ache and my skin is getting tired so I’ll try do something nice for myself one of these days!
  • Go to more events happening in Dublin – We live in a city full of great things to do so i’m gonna try start going to things that look good instead of putting them off!
  • Go to the Ballet – I’ve always wanted to go to a Ballet, every year it comes at christmas and every year I put off getting tickets.
  • Sign up to a pension – Again, not getting any younger!!
  • Cook some stuff from my Jamie Oliver Superfood cookbook – I’m a big Jamie Oliver fan and he has a new cook book coming out next month… I’ll have to cook some stuff out of the last one so I can justify buying the new one!

Big Spends

  • Own a designer handbag – This probably won’t happen… It’s low on my priorities but I can dream right??
  • Complete my tattoo plans for my arm – This will hopefully happen, I’m heading to the Dublin Tattoo Convention this weekend to get some inspo!
  • Buy a Macbook – This might be a bit of a stretch this year but my own laptop is bunched so maybe…
  • Go for an expensive meal and drinks – I love to eat and drink! Its been a while since I’ve had a fancy meal.
  • Start saving for a house – Humpf… adulting at its finest… but it’s a priority!


  • Go to Glastonbury – I love a good festival and this is the festival of festivals… High on the priority list!
  • Book a trip to Vegas – I won’t be going to Vegas in the next year… but I hope to book a trip at least!
  • Party in Paris – Not sure its something that will happen this year but I would really love to party in Paris, I’ve been before with my family but I’ve heard its a great city for the nightlife!
  • Go to Achill Island – My favourite place in Ireland, it’s been too long since i’ve paid it a visit.
  • Go somewhere cool for New Years – New years is always a bit funny, I’d like to do something to remember.
  • Take more day trips at the weekends – I want to get up and out and stop letting the weekends pass me by!


Well there you have it… The Birthday List. This stuff is achievable right? Well we can only try! I’ll keep you updated as I tick things off along the way and if you have any tips or suggestions, do let me know!


PinkLadyXo 🙂




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