The Birthday List Update #1

Hi everyone!

Its been a while!! I haven’t been putting enough time aside to write any blog posts in the last few weeks… the days and weeks have been flying by me, and with one thing or another I haven’t had time or I’ve been too tired (and if I’m honest a bit lazy) in the evenings to just sit down, collect my thoughts and put pen to paper. But with being so busy it means that actually I have some stuff to write about over the next few weeks which I am happy about, all I have to do now is get the head down and do it and what better a time than now….

I wanted to do a bit of a progress post about The Birthday List which I wrote about back in August.  For anyone who didn’t see the post, its basically a list I wrote after turning 29 of things that I wanted to do over the next year before turning 30. If you follow this link you can see what its all about! I’ve actually managed to make some progress on it which I am beyond delighted about. I have never done anything like a ‘bucket list’ type thing before and I am surprising myself by how much I am getting done, and how just writing things down has motivated me to get up and make things happen. Some things are small things and other things have taken a bit more effort, but each time I feel like I can tick something off the list I feel a great sense of personal achievement, and that spurs me on to do more!

One thing that I have realised is that ‘ticking something off the list’ is not as final as it might seem. Some might think that by completing a task that there might be a ‘well thats that done now, I never have to do that again’ feeling afterwards, but its quite the opposite. I feel like I am really gaining from the experience, and that the completion of one goal sometimes leads to ideas forming for new goals. I feel like I have something to show for my time and that can feel very fulfilling.

So what have I been up to lately, and what can I tick off the list?!

  • Do more Yoga

I started going back to Antigravity Yoga and OMG I love it! Its once a week in Swords at Yoga4All and I can really see an improvement over the last few weeks. I also received a birthday present of a months trial at Hot Yoga on the Malahide road which I still have to book into but I’m really looking forward to trying that out soon!

  • Take up PT at least once a week

OK, I’ve edited this one a bit… I haven’t taken up actual PT, BUT, I am going to weight training classes three times a week at Body Transformations Studio in Clongriffin.  The training consists of one day training legs, one day training arms and back, and one day of conditioning. The classes are tough but they cater to everyone’s needs and abilities and actually they can be a bit of craic too. The courses run for 4 weeks at a time and I’m on course three now. I have to say I’m seeing massive changes to my body already so I’m really loving it!

  • Maintain my weightloss

I’m not crossing this out because it is completely ongoing! I have been maintaining my weight loss, and losing a couple of pounds very slowly. The weight training and yoga has slowed my weight loss but I am still losing inches which is the main thing right! The scales and how we look and feel don’t always correspond but I’m happy out at the minute!

  • Knit something

I currently have a scarf in the works 🙂 I’ll let you know when its finished! I also did some  embroidery at the weekend!


This is also ongoing I made one thing, and it was delicious! I’m gonna do something else this week hopefully!


Ok so it hasn’t happened yet BUT I put the deposit down on my ticket yesterday… AAAAAHHHHH! Excited is an understatement!!! I’m finally going to Glastonbury!!!! This is a MASSIVE life goal and tick off the list!

  • Repeal


One last thing that I am really proud to have been a part of over the last few weeks (which isn’t on the list) is the Repeal movement. I attended the Repeal march for choice on the 24th of September. It was such an  overwhelming experience and there was a huge turn out considering there were bus strikes and the weather was terrible. As  a women in this country I feel that I should have the choice of what happens with my body. I feel that every woman should have the the right to make her own decisions about her life and wellbeing and her ability to provide new life. You may not agree with someone’s choice, I may not agree with someone’s choice, but it should be theirs, ours, to make. We should be trusted to make the right decisions for ourselves if god forbid we are ever faced with an unwanted pregnancy for any reason.


So on that serious note 🙂 thats everything I have been doing over the last few weeks… fitting it all in is what has led to my tiredness in the evenings but it has all been so worth it! Over the next few weeks I hope to write some blog posts to elaborate more on my training, yoga, food and the crafty stuff I’ve been doing so watch this space if you want to see some more!




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