Tasty Thursday… a trip to Merrion Square food market!

Today Boys and Girls, I thought I would tell you all about the International Food Market in Merrion Square, just because I love it! I was introduced to it by my boss (thanks Claire!) when I started my current job back in May and since my first visit, I have gone back almost every week!


The lunchtime market takes place every Thursday throughout summer in the beautiful Georgian garden in Merrion square from 11.30am – 2.30pm, and is host to a diverse range of gourmet foods originating from all parts of the world. There’s everything from pizza from Italy, or poutine from Canada to arancini from Cyprus! You’re guaranteed to find something that will make you water at the mouth!


On my trips to the market I have tried the humongous arancini balls and a donut from Revolutionary Bakery (which was amaze!) but by far my favourite has definitely been the Chinese fried dumplings from the China House Dumplings stall! I started eating dumplings when I lived in Melbourne, Australia, (where apparently they were actually invented) and I love them! They would be a definite on my death row/ last ever meal menu, and if the dumplings from China House Dumplings were the last I ever tasted… I would be one happy camper!

They keep me coming back every week. Each time I go to the market, I plan on trying something different but the dumplings get me every time! They are so cheap too, just €3 for 5 and €5 for 10. One week I ate 15 dumplings in one go… yes 15… It was far too many I will admit, and I did feel a bit nauseous after a while; but they were soooo good! I regret nothing!


I’ve looked them up and the Dumpling stall can  be found at loads of different markets around Dublin, you can keep track of where they are headed week-to-week by clicking HERE. And, if like me you can’t get enough of the Dumplings and would like to gorge on more authentic Chinese food, the stall stems from the restaurant China House, Parnell St. I hope to make a trip here very, very soon… apparently the dumplings are even cheaper!!

Aside from my Dumpling obsession! The market is fantastic! I’ve never seen a small portion come away from any of the stalls and never heard anyone complain about the food they have received, all the stalls are serving good quality, reasonably priced food. The market is the perfect spot for lunch if you are in that part of the city and want to get away from your office for an hour, there’s always a good buzz around from the office workers, college students and  tourists happily chatting away and eating. The odd time you will see musicians around too which only adds to the atmosphere. One time I went and there was a little Jazz band playing off in the wooded area!

If you’re not around Merrion Square, there are plenty of markets around the city, find your nearest one HERE


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little account of the market… If you’d like to see more like this let me know in the comments!


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