6 Things people say to me (all the time) about having short hair…

There’s something about having short hair that always gets people asking questions. I’m not sure why short hair on women is still such a big deal, there’s thousands of us walking the streets every day with short hair and in fact its quite fashionable these days to have short hair, there are plenty of celebrities out there with the chop . But still come the questions and the judgments so I’ve put together a list of my faves…

1.Its nice but like, its very short (person usually makes face)

yes, yes it is! There are times when I get a hair cut and its slightly shorter than I would like, but in general, my hair looks how I want it to look. I don’t go to the hairdressers and ask for a long bob and come out with a shaved head by mistake.

2. Are you not worried people will think your a lesbian?

No I’m not worried people will think I’m a lesbian. Why would I worry about that? Apart from the fact there’s no shame in being a lesbian, I’m not one. People can think what they like.

3. What are you gonna do for your wedding?

I dunno, probably wear a wig so no-one worries about the photos. NOT! Nothing is the answer, I’m probably just gonna wear it how I always do, cos I like it like that. I have no burning desire to have a messy up-do for the big day and anyway, where would I be getting all this hair from in just a couple of months? The longest my hair would grow between now and then is a short bob. Still not long enough for a traditional bridal style. I’ll stick with my fashionable short hair thanks.

4. Are you ever gonna grow it out?

I dunno, maybe at some point if I want longer hair I will. I like to change my hair but Its usually just different versions of short hair. Growing out your hair takes a lot of time and patience, and I’m not that patient. Plus I LIKE HAVING SHORT HAIR!!! Although i’m sure I will grow out the undercut at some point… it won’t be fashionable forever.

5. Short hair really suits you but I wouldn’t get away with it!

Firstly, thank you. I’ll take a compliment when its given! Secondly, maybe short hair wouldn’t suit you. Or maybe you just like having long hair. Or maybe you’re too worried about what other people will think of you if you cut your hair short? Whatever it is, if you really want short hair then go for it and don’t worry about what others think. If you don’t then leave your hair the way you like it.

6. You’re so lucky, it probably only takes 5 mins to do in the morning!

It does, and I am lucky… but short hair is a lot more maintenance than you might think. For a start I have to get it cut very regularly, like every 5 weeks to keep the style… and that’s even stretching it out. Haircuts ain’t cheap either! And I have to style it every morning cos I usually have hair like Jedward when I wake up… no flinging it into a handy hunbun for me! I also have curly hair so I use a lot of product, and blowdry and straighten my hair carefully every day to keep my style in place so it doesn’t frizz throughout the day!

So there you have it, the answers to all you burning short hair questions 🙂 I will say that short hair is not for the faint-hearted, and definitely not low maintenance but I like it. I do think it suits me and my personal style which is why I keep getting it cut. I won’t lie, there are some days when I’m frustrated and would love nothing more than to tie it in a pony tail and be done with it. And there are days when I have no makeup on and haven’t styled my hair, when I look like a 12 year old boy. But sure you have to take the bad hair days with the good 🙂

Here’s some pictures of me with my various short hair styles and my celebrity short hair crushes… Judge away 🙂




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