7 ways to spend Valentines Day… without spending too much!

Hi Everyone!

With Valentines day just around the corner it got me thinking about what myself and Orey might get up to this year. We’re not massive Valentines Day people in that we don’t generally buy each other expensive gifts or make a big deal of doing something. But in saying that, I personally really love Valentines Day. I feel like its the perfect excuse to take a step back from the norm to really show your other half how special they are and how much they mean to you. For me, Valentines Day is spending time together, laughing, talking and just generally taking time out to enjoy each others company.


This year we definitely won’t be splurging on any gifts or fancy meals, we have a wedding coming up Valentines week, and then sure its our own wedding after that. We have no room for unnecessary spending right now, so with that in mind I thought I would put together a list of inexpensive or free activities that we could get up to if we felt so inclined.

These activities are perfect for couples or singles alike, so if your not one half of a couple thats no bother, grab a few mates to spend the day with! And because Valentines day is midweek… you can really choose whatever day around it you like to celebrate. Just remember the card on the actual day ❤



Take a walk


What better way to spend some quality time together than out and about in the fresh air. I find when I’m out walking I’m not on my phone as much and there’s no music or tv to distract me. You can be more present and in the moment when you are chatting away about people or things you see along the way. You can get into a natural flow of conversation that just doesn’t happen when you are in a bar or at home watching TV.

There are loads of options for walks around Dublin or even Wicklow which can vary from easy to adventurous. Choose something that suits you and head off for the day. Some of my recommendations are:

Howth Head walkBray to GreystonesThe Botanic Gardens GlasnevinPhoenix ParkGlendaloughDublin/wicklow mountain trails


Go to a Market


Markets are a great place for atmosphere and can be a feast  for the eyes! Although they are free to attend, its quite likely you will end up buying something along the way. Whether its some second hand clothes, something from a local artist or food from one of the many, often international stalls something is bound to catch your eye. So if you are really strapped for cash maybe rethink this one, but if you’re not it might be a great opportunity to surprise your other half with a gift of something they see along the way 🙂

There are tonnes of markets happening around Dublin, you can google search ones closest to you but some recommendations are:

Ha’Penny Flea Market, Howth Market, Fusion Sundays NewmarketPeople’s Park Market.


Visit a Museum or Art Gallery


There are tonnes of museums in Dublin, most of which are free. Have a stroll around, take in some culture, discuss different pieces. A museum might not be your usual thing or maybe you’ve been meaning to check one out for a while. Either way now might be the perfect time to go and take a look.

Take a stroll around the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA)The National Gallery of Ireland, The Hugh Lane Gallery  or the Science Gallery for free!

Go play Bowling


If walks and museums aren’t your thing, maybe head for a game of bowling and possibly a sneaky game of pool after? Leisureplex Tallaght/ Stillorgan and Coolock does BYOB nights every Friday too, you can get a game of bowling + pool + snooker for €12pp. Cheap and cheerful if you’re on a budget and still want to go out for a drink!


Movie night with a twist in the Sugar Club

So Its like going to the cinema only a little bit different and sometimes for special nights out its good to change the scenery! The Sugar Club is having a special screening of True Romance on February 14th, and for €12.50pp (+booking fee) you can watch the movie and it includes a free serving of gourmet popcorn. For all the details and booking check out the Sugar Club’s website HERE 

Or you could stay at home…

Stay in and watch a movie/ boxset/ comedy

Sometimes its the simplest things in life! With all the running around and socialising we do, sometimes its nice to have a night in. Pick something you’ve been wanting to watch together for ages but haven’t managed to fit in. A classic/cult movie that everyone else but you has seen, a new comedy or the box set you haven’t had the time to start. There’s nothing like getting stuck into a new series with your partner!

Some Suggestions are: The Big Lebowski, Stranger Things or Tommy Tiernan: Live


Have a pamper night


If either of you have been a bit stressed lately and need to unwind but don’t have the cash for a fancy SPA day… just DIY it! Light some candles, put on some relaxing music… get the Aldi prosecco and strawberries in. A few facemasks from Pennys (they have mens ones too now.. check it HERE!) A back rub for him, a foot rub for her and some fresh PJs and you will be sorted for days!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post, as much as I have enjoyed writing it!

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