Saying Goodbye to the January Blues!



Hi Everyone!

I don’t know about you lot… but I am so welcoming the start of a new month and am beyond happy to finally see the back of January! For me January has been a particularly crappy month, I feel like I have been in a bit of a slump since all the festivities of Christmas have come to an end and normal life has ensued.

Getting back into a routine has been so difficult for me! So many things were left by the wayside in December due to other commitments whether they were social, financial or work related and picking up my normal routine proved more difficult than I thought it would.

Since the beginning of January my diet has been all over the place, I’m not exercising as much, and I have been feeling very drained of energy. I injured my knee at the beginning of January which meant I couldn’t exercise and found just getting around quite painful. This really put a downer on my mindset as it meant I couldn’t get started with a lot of things I had planned for January. The injury left me feeling very deflated and unmotivated and because I was feeling so down it was filtering into other areas of my life.  So in short I have been walking around with a big ole raincloud over my head for the past few weeks and now I feel like its time to go all Taylor Swift on this raincloud’s ass and shake it off!



I have been thinking about my normal routine and have put together a list things to help me get back into the swing of things… Here’s my top tips:mydailyroutine0a0awakeup2c0abeawsome2c0agobacktosleep0axo-default

Set your alarm for a half hour earlier in the morning

If you are anything like me, you will have been waiting til the last second to get out of bed in the mornings. This has got to change. There is nothing worse than rushing to get your shit together in the morning before running out the door to work or wherever it is you have to be, it’s not a good start to the day and will no doubt set the tone for the rest of the day. So I’m setting my alarm a half hour earlier so that I am up and have plenty of time to set myself up for the day.

Get a good food routine going again

If like me you are on a weight loss journey, and you have been letting your diet slip or maybe you generally have a good diet but notice your will power isn’t what it was, my best advice is to plan out your meals for the week. Having a good diet and feeling full definitely does wonders for my mood and my mental state. There’s nothing worse than getting hangry, eating rings around us and then feeling guilty about it. Roughly plan breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep you satisfied throughout the week. If your meals are filling, healthy and satisfying you will be surprised how much less you will snack and how much more energy you have.

Take a break

No matter whether you work at a desk or on a shop floor or wherever, its important to take your breaks. I’m so guilty of having lunch at my desk and staring at my computer for 8 hours of the day. Its not that I’m so busy I feel under pressure not to have a break or anything, I’m not. I’ve just been in a bit of a rut and a bit lazy about leaving my desk. But I definitely need time to switch off, have a cup of tea or some food without an interruption from time to time. I also feel breaking the day into ‘before lunch’ and ‘after lunch’ improves my productivity. Its like setting a mini deadline for tasks that need to be done. If I’m working to get something done within a timeframe I feel like my day goes quicker too.

Do that thing you have been putting off for ages

Have you been putting off going back to the gym?  Have you been threatening to have a date night for far too long without any  movement? Haven’t rejoined Slimming World (or similar) since Christmas? Just give yourself a kick up the arse and do that one thing that you’ve wanted to do for ages but have been putting off for way too long. I’m telling you, you will feel better for it. It only takes one step to get you going. Breaking the cycle is the hardest part. Once you take that first step its easier from there.

Pat yourself on the back

We are tough enough on ourselves at the best of times, sometimes its ok to take a step back and say, ya know you’re doing the best you can with what you have. Celebrate even the small wins. If a good day for you was saying no to that second bar of chocolate… then well done you! You made it to work on time for the first time this week… well done you! You got out of bed today… well done you! Every win is closer to where you want to be and all those small wins add up to the bigger prize. When I feel like I’ve achieved something in my day it gives me a little boost to get on to the next thing.

Treat Yo’self

If you can’t treat yourself who will? Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of a long day/week/month. That definitely helps me get through the mundane. Have a pizza, buy the dress thats been in your Boohoo shopping cart for a month, book the yoga class, read your book in the bath. Whatever it takes to get you through, make sure you do something nice for yourself 🙂


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