It’s not you, It’s me… Saying goodbye to my tongue piercing.

I remember the time I got my tongue piercing, not all the specific details but I remember I was seventeen, had just started college and figured I was an adult now and could do what I wanted. I had it done in Georges Arcade. I remember I waited around until the old lady with the shaky hands who owned the place went on her break and let her far more steady handed son take over. I don’t remember it hurting, although there was no numbing involved. I remember someone telling me they went to McDonalds after having their tongue pierced and thinking they must’ve been mad. I remember gong home and telling my mam straight away just to get it over with. I remember she didn’t talk to me for like 2 days. I remember thinking it looked fucking cool.

I still think it looks fucking cool.

I’ve had loads of piercings since my tongue piercing which have come and gone without much thought, but my tongue piercing has always been my favourite. I don’t even want to take it out, I’d happily keep it forever, or until  (presumably) one day feel its not ‘me’ anymore.

I took it out a couple of weeks ago for a couple of days, but I put it back in again because I just wasn’t ready.

So why am I taking it out?

Simple truth is, its positioning in my mouth has moved forward over time. I have found over the last few months to a year I can’t physically speak properly. I’m tripping over my words and lisping, its actually become embarrassing. And to be honest, I’m at a time in my life where I’d rather speak properly than look cool.

When I spoke to Orey about thinking of taking it out. He told me he was gonna do the same (his tongue is pierced too). I asked him why… he said ‘well I’m am adult now, I have a real job and all’. And just like that walking around Ikea a couple of days later he took his out there and then.

I’m still working up to it, today is the day I think, and I feel oddly emotional about it. It feels like a part of me will be going with it.

Is this what getting older feels like? If it is I’m not sure I’m into it.


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