Get Munched!… Sprout & Co

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying out a new feature on the blog called, you guessed it… Get Munched! The idea came to me after looking through my camera roll and seeing how many pictures I take of food when I’m out and deciding I should probably do something with them!

I don’t eat out a huge amount as generally I try to eat healthily day to day by preparing my own food to stay on track with my Slimming World plan and when I’m eating out I have zero will power and usually go for the most calorific option! But when I do (about once a month or so), I’d like to tell you all about it if thats ok?

First on my list is lunch spot Sprout&Co.

(A healthy option for the first post!)


I have just recently tried this place after months of discussing it with my colleagues. There’s a Sprout & Co very near to my job which my colleagues have been frequenting, but as I usually bring my lunch with me to work I had been putting off trying it. So after months of commenting on how good their food smelled when they returned with their lunch (yes their SALAD’s smelled good, great actually) , I decided last payday to go wild and try it out!


First things first… Sprout is packed at lunch time, so if you would like to try it out keep this in mind, although I will say the queue moves quickly. The other thing is seating. My nearest Sprout is on Dawson St. and there is only a small amount of seating. I did manage to get a spot but you wouldn’t want to be counting on it.


Now on to the food…

Sprout & Co prides itself on using great ingredients and sources all their ingredients from local farmers and suppliers. They also plan their menu around the seasons so you can be sure everything you eat from there is of the highest and freshest quality! The menu is amazing and will have something for everyone. The menu includes signature salads, wraps, juices, smoothies and soups for lunch but they also have an impressive breakfast menu. You can check the full menu out HERE.

My colleague had suggested I try the Falafel salad bowl (and I have to say it smells amazing) but I was looking for something a bit more comforting so I went with the Sataysfied Turkey Bowl for my first go! It comes with Roast Turkey, Satay sauce, Brown rice, Rocket salad, pickled cucumber and spring onion and it was exactly what I needed! It was like a little healthy bowl of comfort. The meat is fresh cooked and the Satay sauce was lovely and creamy. Just enough rice to fill you up and a generous helping of Rocket! I did also get a falafel as an extra with my lunch… I definitely didn’t need to but as I am partial to a decent falafel, I just really wanted to try one! It didn’t disappoint!


An important thing to note is portion sizes here are huge. One bowl would easily feed two people for lunch, but if you are they type of person with an above average appetite (like me) you will be very satisfied (and STUFFED) with the helping you get. It really doesn’t feel like you are having a salad for lunch here and for €8.95 it is well worth it.

So all in all I was very happy with my meal, and I have it on good authority that they do lovely coffee and the soup and juices are delicious… I’ll have to go back and try them out 🙂 Any excuse!

Sprout&Co have restaurants on Dawson St, Mount St and Sir Rogerson’s Quay, and if you want to avoid the queues they have a handy online order and collect system!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear if you’ve tried something different on the menu! You can Snap me on snapchat (jenok9) or Tweet me (JenniferOKeeffe)

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