My Breakfast Favourites

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as they say!

Fruit and Green Tea

Its good to have a good healthy breakfast as it can set your mindset for the rest of your food plans that day, and a good mindset can waterfall into other areas of your life… My top tips are:

  • Have something filling
  • Mix up the food groups
  • Steer clear of chocolate

I like to have something filling in the morning, when I don’t I end up  grazing all day on small and often unhealthy bits of food trying to fill myself to feel satisfied. I also need to mix it up. Fruit is great, it has all the nutrients you need along with natural sugars and fibres and can help to fill you up, but on its own I find that I need something that is gonna get me through til lunch, adding Oats and greek yoghurt is a great idea as its provides tons of fibre and protein which will keep you fuller for longer. Lastly… I have to steer clear of chocolate where possible for breakfast. For me personally it sets my sweet tooth off for the day and I continue craving chocolate til bed time. I’m a big chocolate fan so these cravings either mean that I am going to eat all the chocolate… Or be cranky for the day cos I’m not allowing myself to eat all the chocolate!

As I’m a picker when it comes to food I also like to space out my food, So I might have my oats first thing, followed by some fruit and green tea mid morning, or vice versa. If I’m really busy this doesn’t matter too much as I’m not thinking about food constantly, but on a normal day at my desk or lazing on the couch at the weekend… this planning is paramount to staying on a healthy eating plan!

I have two recipes here for you today which I absolutely love and are my go-to breakfasts. I love to have them with a bowl of fruit and some green tea with honey and lemon 🙂

Overnight Oats


(serves 1)

35g of Oats

1 low fat yoghurt of choice (plain or flavoured)

Fruit of choice (frozen works well)


Mix oats and yoghurt in a bowl or jar

Place frozen fruit on top

Cover and leave overnight in the fridge

In the morning mix and enjoy 🙂

** You can make so many variations of this. I Like mine with frozen raspberries and strawberry yoghurt or Strawberries, blueberries and vanilla yoghurt. I also added some Quark (protein filled soft cheese) flax seeds and goji berries to this recent one which was a lovely change and so many nutrients.

Oat Pancakes

Oat Pancakes


(Serves 1)

35g of Oats blended (I do mine in a nutribullet but you can use a food processor)

1 low-fat yoghurt (I use plain natural, or greek)

1 Large egg

1 tbsp of Sweetner (or Stevia, or you can omit altogether)

1/2 a tsp of baking powder


Blend (or mix) all the ingredients until smooth and leave overnight

In the morning, spray your pan with Frylite (or other oil of choice)

Pour mixture on to the pan and cook the pancakes for 2-3 mins each side until cooked through. they should be slightly browned on each side. you can make one big pancake like me or 2-3 smaller ones.

Top with Fruit, Yoghurt, Syrup, Bacon, Lemon, Nutella… Whatever you like really 🙂









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